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Are There Different Kinds of Hemp?

What is Hemp? For people who are relatively unfamiliar with cannabis, a common question we hear is simply: “What is hemp?” The technical answer: Hemp is the legal term for cannabis that contains less than 0.3% Delta9 THC on a dry weight basis, post decarboxylation...

Can You Smoke Hemp?

With all of the buzz about CBD (cannabidiol) these days, an increasingly popular question we hear is “can you smoke hemp?” The short answer is YES, you CAN smoke hemp! After all, the vast majority of CBD available on the market is derived from high-CBD varieties of...

Reinventing the Smoke Break

Looking for a new way to take your smoke break? RASTi Hemp Pre Rolls are a non-addictive way to enjoy the ritual of smoking without the psychotropic effects of marijuana, or the adverse health effects of tobacco usage. If you are someone who enjoys the social aspect...

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