About Us

Our Story

Our passion for innovation led us to create something new, something different, something better. We began growing top quality, organic, seedless CBD hemp flower in 2017 on our farm, Galaxy Farms, in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. We loved the striking beauty and aroma of the flowers as they ripened… and we loved smoking them! We thought others might enjoy it as much as we do, so we set off to make a line of smokable, CBD rich, hemp flower products. After much experimentation, we developed our favorite tobacco free, non intoxicating blends that always left us feeling and smelling great. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


our products

We always start with our beautifully manicured, high CBD hemp flower. The purists among might enjoy our soon to be released PURE line of products that contain only 100% CBD Flower. For our blends, we add a pinch of organically grown traditional smoking herbs carefully selected to enhance flavor and beneficial effects of the CBD Flower. The result is a pleasure to smoke, never harsh, always smooth. Each batch is carefully processed and lab tested to ensure you are only getting the very best. 

our FARM

Our goal is to always make decisions that lead to a better world. Our business is operated with consciousness and conscience. We farm using our hands and our backs and our hearts. We rely on the worms to enrich our soil as we provide them with a thriving, clean ecosystem, giving them abundance, which they then return to us in kind.


Our Commitment

Living Wage

It is important to us that our employees are paid a living wage allowing them to not only survive, but thrive. We believe in showing respect to those that help us achieve our dreams and, in turn, give them the resources to achieve their own.

Sustainable Packaging

Our signature CBD flower cigarettes are wrapped up in organic, unbleached and 100% biodegradable papers and filters.

No butts about it!

Organic Ingredients

All of our hemp and herbs are sourced from farms with a commitment to growing organically and sustainably. We want to provide our customers with the very best while at the same time respecting our planet. Thanks Earth!