What is Hemp?

For people who are relatively unfamiliar with cannabis, a common question we hear is simply: “What is hemp?”

The technical answer:

Hemp is the legal term for cannabis that contains less than 0.3% Delta9 THC on a dry weight basis, post decarboxylation (THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — is the compound in cannabis that gets people “high”). 

So while hemp and majijuana are both from the same cannabis family, hemp is non-intoxicating and used for a huge variety of purposes, from medicinally-rich CBD to fibrous textiles and nutritional supplements.

Different Kinds of Hemp

Hemp is an absolutely amazing crop due to its vigor and versatility. Thanks to the steadfast efforts of some very talented and dedicated breeders, there are a number of varieties available on the market. 

Different varieties have been bred over the years to accentuate specific parts of the plant. 

Traditionally, hemp was cultivated for its fibrous stalks and bred to grow tall in dense stands, similar to bamboo. When we think of the plant, this is what most people think of. Nowadays in the United States, however, hemp is mostly grown for its flowers, and has been bred to be bushy and stout.

Traditional Cultivation Modern Cultivation
Traditional Hemp.jpg 20181008_152930.jpg

What to Look For on the Label

Every commercially available hemp product should have easily accessible lab results that will show you the chemical makeup of the product in question. 

When looking at product lab results, referred to in the industry as a “certificate of analysis” (COA), Delta9 THC shows up looking like this: ?9 THC. Other types of THC that are commonly tested for include THCa and ?8 THC. 

When heated, THCa goes through a process called decarboxylation where a carboxyl group is removed from the molecule resulting in its conversion into ?9 THC.

You can find an example of lab results here on our website: RASTi Test Results

What Kind of Hemp is Used in RASTi Pre Rolls? 

The varieties we grow and harvest at RASTi were chosen for their CBD content, terpene profile (smell and flavor), sturdiness, and compatibility to our local climate (in Southern Oregon).

RASTi CBD Flower mixtures are always organic! This means they are free of pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizer residue. Our goal is that you inhale only the best when you smoke a RASTi Pre Roll — we want to feel good about the ingredients that we grow and blend, and that you enjoy.

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