Looking for a new way to take your smoke break?

RASTi Hemp Pre Rolls are a non-addictive way to enjoy the ritual of smoking without the psychotropic effects of marijuana, or the adverse health effects of tobacco usage.

If you are someone who enjoys the social aspect of the smoke break, but doesn’t like to smoke tobacco (or are trying to quit), RASTi Hemp Pre Rolls can provide an excellent, natural alternative.

A New Kind of Smoke Break

“I am a health conscious person who does not smoke tobacco cigarettes. I do, however, enjoy taking a break, sitting outside and relaxing with friends. I love that I can still enjoy the social aspect of smoking, without the harmful effects of tobacco.” – Becca Rice

Many of our users have said that RASTis help them to avoid tobacco use in social situations. Smoking a RASTi is a great way to unwind without the negative health effects associated with smoking tobacco, or the debilitating high associate with smoking marijuana.

Straight From Our Farm

Our hemp cigarettes are made from the finest CBD hemp Oregon has to offer. We only use organically-grown flower that has been tested to ensure CBD content and the absence of chemicals.

Our farm in Southern Oregon receives sunshine, sustainable treatment, and lots of love from our team and crew of farm llamas! We care deeply about where we live, and love deeply where we farm.

We transfer that love and care into every RASTi Hemp Pre Roll.

Our specialized blends of medicinal herbs and essential oils take your smoking pleasure to new heights without the high. We want you to feel great about smoking a RASTi time and time again.

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