Non Addictive

RASTi Hemp Smokes do not contain nicotine, so you can enjoy the act of smoking without worrying about nicotine addiction. Whether you are an occasional social smoker, enjoy a smoke to relax after a long day or a habitual smoker looking for an alternative, our hemp cigarettes may be the alternative to tobacco you’ve been searching for.

Relaxation Without Intoxication

RASTi Hemp Smokes contain only trace amounts (<0.3%) THC so you can enjoy the ritual of smoking without worrying about ending up crumpled on your couch. With our hemp cigarettes, you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of high CBD hemp without the intoxication of traditional marijuana cigarettes. If you enjoy smoking marijuana but don’t enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated, RASTi Hemp Smokes may be the alternative to marijuana you’ve been looking for. You can smoke all day and be OK.

Consciously Sourced Ingredients 

RASTi organic hemp cigarettes start with the finest hemp flower Southern Oregon has to offer. Our hemp and herbs are always sourced from farms that grow organically in the USA with the long term health of our ecosystem in mind.

Sustainable Packaging

At RASTi, we make sure that every element of our product is biodegradable. Our packages are made from recyclable paperboard and wrapped for freshness in biodegradable plant-based cellophane. The tubes and filters are made from unbleached 100% plant-based, biodegradable materials. No butts about it!


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